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Shooting Garden

We can make you a very special offer, which we are very proud of!

(You can find pictures below)

Our exclusive shooting garden, which sets us apart from our competitors!

We are very proud to present our beautiful shooting garden to you today.

With the garden, we now have the opportunity to offer outdoor shoots or a mixture of both, even with the cheapest offer in our portfolio at a price of € 89.00, in addition to pure studio shots.

Your advantages:

The time-consuming search for suitable outdoor locations is completely eliminated

You have the option of combining a shoot in our studio with an outdoor shoot at no additional cost

An outfit swap at the outdoor shoot is much more pleasant, as you are welcome to use our premises.

In shootings with babies and toddlers, a small mishap sometimes has to be eliminated, no problem, rooms for changing and freshening up the little ones are available and do not worry, the time required for this will not run out of the shoot.

The shooting garden is relatively well protected against other people's eyes, so all kinds of shootings are actually possible.

Overall, this advantage results in a much more relaxed shooting situation!

If the weather is not right, you can easily postpone the appointment or interrupt the session for a few minutes until you can just continue shooting, which is not that easy with a "normal" outdoor shoot! Also of course at no extra charge!

We have all our shooting equipment on site and do not have to take it to the external location, sometimes a bit awkward.

So we can also use the complete studio equipment for an outdoor shoot, which is a very big advantage, especially in terms of scene lighting!


For a few days now, our shooting garden has had another attraction ...

Our brand new shooting terrace!

Very beautiful and romantic location on our pond!

The terrace is equipped with a lounge and various plants that are coordinated so that there are always beautiful colors between flowering plants between spring and autumn.

Depending on the season, a new backdrop is always created.

Overall, the terrace has made our shooting garden a real highlight, which, as far as I know, nobody else has to offer!

And best of all, for every booked shoot in our garden there is a small cocktail, of course also non-alcoholic, free of charge!

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me ...

The very first photo session in our garden, created especially for shootings of all kinds, was over and the premiere was absolutely great!

It showed that the shooting garden "works" and is a real asset to our portfolio.

But more importantly, the shoot also showed that our location, as hoped and promised, is a real asset for you and that, as already mentioned, without any additional costs!

Here are the pictures of the very successful premiere in our shooting garden, I think that is impressive.

The two did a great job and therefore a big thank you!

Below you can find more impressions of our shooting garden

Here are pictures of the latest photo session in our amazing shooting garden

Thanks to Francesca, Bianca and Lena for the great pictures, you were great and it was a lot of fun ...

The shoot was a birthday present from Lena and Bianca to their best friend Francesca

Tour through the shooting garden

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