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You would like to receive a lasting memory of your family or unforgettable moments with your partner for the future?

Whether it's creating a new life in your bumb, or wanting to take beautiful pictures of your baby, adolescent toddlers, or teenagers, before those moments of intense relentlessness pass by ...

... then you should not hesitate to talk with us, we would be happy if we are allowed to hold on to you, the important moments of your life.

Especially the field of baby and toddler photography, requires a high degree of empathy. It is not always easy to tell children how to put themselves in a "pose", of course this is not possible with babies.

We leave the children their free choice, we just let them play!

If you feel like posing, then we take these pictures, but if you just want to play with our existing or even brought toys, then we let them do that and photograph them, largely out of the background, without disturbing them.

Our experience shows time and again how to create the most expressive, natural and beautiful snapshots.

Here are photos of a couple of shootings

Recorded in our brand new shooting garden

We decided not to show public pictures of and with children anymore!

We had been thinking about this step for some time, especially because children often can not decide for themselves whether their pictures may be shown, but the decision is usually made by the parents!

But now - not least due to the current coverage in the media - we feel compelled to take this step!


We take responsibility

Of course, we do not want to withhold our sample pictures, if there is really an interest in a serious baby, kids, teen or family shooting!

Therefore, there is the possibility to view our shootings of children up to 18 years, in a protected area!

You can then, after previous request, get access to this area. Depending on your request, by email and / or to your mobile number.

Simply click here on CONTACT and then write to us via the contact form.

Only then we have a control over who accesses the images!

Finally, our appeal to parents and guardians:

In the future, please think carefully about how to deal with pictures and posts from her life related to social media!

Especially when it comes to pictures of your children!

There is the possibility on all social media platforms, such pictures only your acquaintance or. To show friends

Please use these possibilities!

For your understanding of our decision, we would like to thank you!

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